“It’s just nature” the remix

s.t – subject to ensue – to occur afterwards, as a result or effect. A while back just before graduation, I was talking to some of my boyz and one guy legit told me not to be too ambitious (play 7 rings by Arianna) because men would be turned off. Y’all should have seen my […]

Follies Of Our Youth

Hey msomaji mpendwa. I’m glad to announce that I will not be spending Valentines alone. No. I ain’t got no man, but I do have a girl I’m poaching for the day. Chali yake itabidi ameelewa tu. This your goddess will be accepting dates past 3:30 pm and gifts as well. God loves a cheerful […]

Of our Oblivious Youth

Msomaji mpendwa, I your mwandishi mpendwa, have changed from Nyani haoni kundule to RosaVillaKempin. effective immediately. Life is all about creating and recreating ourselves. Rada ndio hiyo. Broski – my brother So juzi before broski headed out back to school, he was playing some voicenotes that had been sent to one of his WhApp groups. […]

“Insert fave quote here”

The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. ~James A. Baldwin Je ne sais quoi- An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive. Msomaji mpendwa, as a middle-class child, sometimes I feel it would be better to be raised/grow up in the ghetto. There’s a je ne […]

Valentines and what not

Msomaji mpendwa, writing is therapeutic for me. I write to get my flow of thought. I write to sort out the shitty from the brilliant. I write to end the conflict within myself. I write to be heard. Words are soothing. Seeing thoughts in your head materialize into words brings a sort of clarity. When […]

Choma Sausage

~Courtesy http://www.deepsouthdish.com Msomaji mpendwa, I am shook!! Night life shenanigans. So there we were at the grill, famished from burning calories on the dancefloor, trying to decide what snack to indulge in. I wanted a choma sausage, the girls opted for the samosas. You know how a thing automatically becomes desirable when it’s the only […]

Leather Couch

You say to yourself; ‘I shall not raise my voice’ ‘I shall be understanding’ ‘Maybe I am the problem’ ‘There has to be some other explanation’ ‘I shall not take up space’ You stupid bitch. ~Nyani haoni kundule. Msomaji mpendwa, habari? NASA tibim! NASA tialala! Wembe ni ule ule! Jubilee tano tena. Petitions. Jurisprudence. Amicus […]