“Insert fave quote here”

The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose. ~James A. Baldwin Je ne sais quoi- An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive. Msomaji mpendwa, as a middle-class child, sometimes I feel it would be better to be raised/grow up in the ghetto. There’s a je ne […]

Valentines and what not

Msomaji mpendwa, writing is therapeutic for me. I write to get my flow of thought. I write to sort out the shitty from the brilliant. I write to end the conflict within myself. I write to be heard. Words are soothing. Seeing thoughts in your head materialize into words brings a sort of clarity. When […]

Choma Sausage

~Courtesy http://www.deepsouthdish.com Msomaji mpendwa, I am shook!! Night life shenanigans. So there we were at the grill, famished from burning calories on the dancefloor, trying to decide what snack to indulge in. I wanted a choma sausage, the girls opted for the samosas. You know how a thing automatically becomes desirable when it’s the only […]

Leather Couch

You say to yourself;  ‘I shall not raise my voice’  ‘I shall be understanding’  ‘Maybe I am the problem’  ‘There has to be some other explanation’  ‘I shall not take up space’  You stupid bitch.  ~Nyani haoni kundule.  Msomaji mpendwa, habari? NASA tibim! NASA tialala! Wembe ni ule ule! Jubilee tano tena. Petitions. Jurisprudence. Amicus […]

See my life (21)

To my hot neighbour Edween Mwangi; When you turn 1 year old, it means that you have lived for one year, and are beginning the second year of your life. When you’re 1 year old, you’re LIVING your 2nd year in this life, and it is only at the end of this 2nd year that […]

Sweat × Teal

Teal – blueish green colour.  I am not a fashion blogger.  Msomaji mpendwa, habari? We thank God for the rain. We really do. The clouds that were heavily pregnant with rain finally delivered. Now, we are left to battle the post natal mood swings. Take yesterday for instance. I left the house looking like I am […]

8:00 to 5:00

I am a somewhat-believer-in-the-mystical kind of person. I like knowing predictions concerning my life so that I can wait to see what God will do instead. I guess He probably laughs and says in his thunderous voice “Oh ye mere mortals. Always trying and epically failing to predict my plans for their lives.” Then he […]